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Cleveland Ohio Financial Advisor

Hello! My name is Benjamin Simerly, and I founded Lakehouse Family Wealth, Llc.  I am an Independent Financial Advisor, Fiduciary, & Financial Planner located in Cleveland, Ohio. I founded Lakehouse Family Wealth to help families and individuals to have confidence in their retirement goals, and to help them spend more time at the lake!  

(Or the beach…)

You can read more about Benjamin Simerly, founder of Lakehouse Family Wealth on the about page, right here.

Feel free to look around and check out the blog.

We work with clients planning for and in retirement and council them on how to best make the transition. Many clients question if they are saving or have saved enough.


We will help you navigate the confusing decisions around how to save enough, social security claiming strategies, as well as coordinating and facilitating retirement account draw-downs and estate planning needs.

We approach the financial planning process as teachers, as families, and as teammates to help our clients take charge of financial plans with confidence and knowledge in what we and our clients are achieving as a team.

As a Financial Planning professional, I specialize in overseeing clients’ planning for and transition into retirement, making the process as stress-free as possible.

Tackling one’s own retirement strategy can be overwhelming with different investment options, the risk of high commission structures, avoidable penalties, and the uncertainty of sufficient retirement income.

Many prospective clients ask: “Have I saved enough?!?” or “How can I know I am saving enough?!?”  That was what retirement and financial planning are for, and that is precisely what we do. 

Lakehouse Family Wealth can become a retiree’s single point of contact, working on a predetermined fee structure and understanding the rules and regulations involved in retirement income planning.

Lakehouse Family Wealth understands that the most important aspect of retirement planning is making sure that the financial plan and investments are the right fit for each and every individual client and family.  In contrast to many "financial advisors" that would rather sell you a bunch of products you don't need rather than spend time with their first born, Lakehouse Family Wealth  charges on a fee-basis, and can charge in multiple ways that don't involve a commission including flat monthly fees, quarterly fees, percent of assets-under-advisement, etc.

 And before you ask, no, we aren't a big fan of annuities... 

Lakehouse Family Wealth is here to serve and improve our clients’ finances, spend more time with family both now and in retirement, and save them time, money, and energy.

We guide our clients through the retirement process, build a financial plan, and help them understand their own, personalized investment strategies. Our retired clients are able to budget their monthly retirement income years into the future.

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