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Retirement Planning

Bringing Everything Together

Let's be honest-

For many, the phrases Financial Planning & Retirement Planning bring to mind the image of investments (or high-pressure insurance salespeople...).  But there is so much more to it than investments...

First, what Retirement Planning is NOT:

  • Real retirement planning does NOT mean selling a bunch of products.
  • Real retirement planning does NOT mean high-cost, commission-based annuities.
  • Real retirement planning does NOT mean setting up investments and then calling it a day.

This is what Retirement Planning means to us: 

The Whole Picture


Approaching the challenges with the whole picture (and the whole family!) in mind.  Not just the investments.  Often here you will hear the word "Holistic."

Creating a Financial Plan


Sounds crazy, right?  Once you have a plan, you know where to go next...  We aren't just talking about investments and then calling it quits.

Making It Tangible


What good is a financial plan if the plan doesn't help you achieve more time with your family?  We want to help you and your family LIVE life together. 

Real Retirement Planning Includes:

  • Focusing on the financial plan
  • Paying your advisor based on service (fee-based, AUA, etc.), rather than a product sold
  • Your budget
  • Your charitable giving strategies to help reduce taxes
  • Your retirement income plan
  • Your account type strategies
  • Your estate plan alongside your attorney
  • Your accountant and Lakehouse Family Wealth work together to ensure your investments and taxes are in sync
  • Your wills, medical directives, and power-of-attorneys, again alongside your attorneys and family
  • Your long-term care and disability insurance planning
  • Your college plan for your children
  • Your team - we work with all your other professionals from attorneys to doctors to accountants
  • And of course, your INVESTMENTS!  From Mutual Funds and ETF's to specialty investment Managers, we customize portfolio's to fit what you and your family actually need.

"So what pieces of the puzzle do you handle for us?"

Investment Management

From selecting funds or money managers to ensuring each part of your portfolio is in sync with the plan and your goals, we have you covered.  And we don't use just one type of investment either.  There are many ways to reach the goal; we are here to help you pick the right one for you.

College (Financial) Planning

College is expensive.  Unbelievably expensive.  Helping you navigate saving and investing for college is a key part of what we do.  And this includes helping grandparents as well; from college funds for the grandkids to help with the unexpected events in life.

Retirement Income Planning 

So you want to retire, but how do you turn your various accounts and investments into income? That's what we are here for. Ensuring you can be tax-efficient and that your money lasts is a core part of the planning process.

Tax-Planning Strategies

When was the last time your advisor reviewed your tax return with you?  Made a Roth Rollover strategy for you that accounted for tax-brackets and your social security income?  

Social Security, Long-Term Care Insurance, etc.

Worried about timing when you start Social Security payments?  Wondering if you can afford Long-Term Care insurance?  These are the kinds of questions that keep people up at night, and things we consider essential to answer in your plan.

Legacy, Charitable Giving & Estate Planning

You've worked hard and led a good life.  You want to make sure you leave something for the next generation, and make sure your family is taken care of should the unexpected happen.   We work with your Estate Attorney to ensure your legacy is well planned. 

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